The Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine came into being in the year 1993 and got registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number 10,022 in 1997. The Council is being ruled by the constitution of the council. The council have among other aims and objectives in article 2 N0 2 and 17 of the constitution which states Establishing Training. Centre (s) with approved syllabus for would be practitioners of Natural Medicine...

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The Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine came into being in the year 1993 and got registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number 10,022 in 1997. The Council is being ruled by the constitution of the council. The council have among other aims and objectives in article 2 N0 2 and 17 of the constitution which state Establishing Training. Centre (s) with approved syllabus for would be practitioners of Natural Medicine.

This gave birth to National College of Natural Medicine under the Federal Ministry of Health (Custodian of Health) in the whole Africa. Therefore, the college offers among other courses African Medicine with other Traditional Medicine of other countries such as Acupuncture-Chinese, Homeopathy-Germany, Ayuverdia-India, Osteopathic and Chiropractic-England, Naturopathic-Europe.

Our syllabus is structured to meet the demands of part time, full time and distant study for the students. We hope that our dream of good health for all by the year 2020 would be realized through the college as more practitioners would be trained.

The Nigerian Council Physicians of Natural Medicine has its Association of Physicians of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (APCAM) for FMOH, Registered in CAC in July 2011; and National Association of Physicians of Alternative Medicine as MDCN CPD provider.

  State Coordinator


1. Licensing of Natural Medicine physicians and registration of relevant Practitioners.

2. Upgrading the knowledge of Practitioners, through post qualification training.

3. Organisation of conferences, seminars workshops, exhibition to create public awareness of Natural Medicine.

4. Regulation and standardization of Natural Medicine practices, health products, remedies, services and goods used in Natural Medicine.

5. Conduction of examinations for intending Natural Medicine Practitioners of all grades in co-ordination with various training institution.

See more functions of Aims and Objectives


There are five grades of membership as follows:

  1. Affiliate Member

  2. Associate Member

  3. Full Member

  4. Fellowship

  5. Merit Award/ Honourary Fellowship

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NCPNM FCT State Coordinator Address

What is Natural Medicine?

Natural Medicines are all forms of medical practices that rely on the use of natural substances and energy to effect healing e.g. Herbs, Nutrition, Manual Medicine, Electro-Medicine, Spiritual and Emotional Therapies etc. This field of medicine is totally outside the mainstream of conventional allopathic medical practices.

The term alternative and complementary have always attracted some criticism. The founding fathers of this Council therefore chose the term Natural Medicine as more appropriate definition of our scope.

Natural Medicine is the umbrella name for all forms of Medical Care System outside the mainstream of orthodox medicine. It may be classified in Nigerian context as follow:

1.    Traditional Indigenous Nigerian Medicine e.g. Traditional Bone Setters, Traditional Birth Attendant, Traditional Herbalist etc.

2.    Alternative Medicine as Recognized by the Medical and Dental Council ACTs e.g. Osteopathic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine.

3.   Natural, Complementary/ Supplementary Therapies, e.g. Shiatu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Nutritional Medicine, Yoga, Herb, Meditation, Magnetherapy, Electro Homeopathy,  Ayuverdic  Medicine, Unani, Chiropractic medicine, Osteopathic medicine,Naturopathy etc.

The world Health Organisation (WHO) has supported, promoted and assisted the development of Traditional medicine in the bid to move African health Agenda forward, particularly for the less developed countries of the world; this philosophy was reinforced at the Alma Mata declaration of 1978 on primary health care. See more @

Members of NCPNM and APCAM and other associations that are Acupuncturists have Acupuncture Society of Nigeria, Homeopaths have Association of Homeopathic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Magnet Therapists have Clinical Magnet Therapy Society of Nigeria, Herbalists have Society of Medical Herbalist of Nigeria, Chiropracts have Chiropratic Association of Nigeria, Spiritualists & Metaphysicians have Clinical Spiritualists & Metaphysicians of Nigeria, Naturopaths have Naturopathic Medical Association of Nigeria, Osteopaths have Osteopathic Association of Nigeria that they are members of.


Investiture of National Patron (Prof. Maurice Iwu) as Fellow by National Executives
Visit of the Acting President and National Executive of NCPNM to FCT NCPNM Office
African Traditional Medicine Celebration
FCT Coordinator explaining what guests see


African Traditional Medicine (ATM) Day Celebration in Nigeria

Past Programme for the event:

  • on 29th August 2018: the National Executives will visit government and Investiture will be done on deserving guests,

  • on 30th August 2018 by 12pm: Lectures with Federal Ministry of Health, in Federal Ministry of Education

  • on 31st August 2018 by 9am: Press Briefing in Federal Ministry of Health

See some photos of the ATM event


For Payments

Coronavirus Committee 2019 - 2020

The FCT Chairman of NCPNM was among the 15 members of the Coronavirus and Lassa Fever Committee to find solutions to the national and global pandemic that the whole medical doctors in the world were learning how and what to do as it worsened, yet Coronavirus existed since the 1930s and have been mutatiting. We observed that it was mutating regularly and many of our members nationally and internationally found solutions and remedies to treat COVID 19 (Coronavirus Disease 19 or SARS 2), but conventional medical body disagreed to test or try it, yet most of the patients that tried the herbal treatments were treated. So, many people died globally when they would have been fewer deaths. The FCT Chairman of NCPNM suggested the use of Chloroquine in the FCT whatsapp platform in November ending 2019 when the COVID 19 was still being understood, that he metaphysically (spiritual medicine) detected that malaria medication can solve the initial condition. Fortunately finding a vaccine for a disease that mutates its contagion as frequently as weekly from the character it portrays in the patients, means vaccines will be a solution since as a disease it has not mutated, so because of the time it takes to produce an effective anti-virus and test for its efficacy. In harmattan, Coronavirus remains suspended in dry air longer as it remains and transports on dust. Harmattan is dust and dry season. Coronavirus will increase in harmattan and nostrils will be dryer and should be kept humid; but by mid harmattan, the dry weather will dry the lipid holding the viruses particles of the viruses free of people for longer than usual. Social distance should increase by 5 meters in harmattan and when outside, watch the wind direction; wind blowing towards you, shortens distance of infection.

The body can be managed by herbs but, the attitude of the un-wholistic or non-integrative medical doctors that are conventional against any other method to keep people alive has made many people demand the use of herbal medicine or solutions from all forms of medicine. But the solution is to change the academic curriculum of the history of medicine that was colonially written to make medical doctors dispensers of western drugs who cannot plan the formulation of a drug or medical equipment for pharmacists to produce medicines or technologists to make the equipments. So, the solution for government is to make the Federal Ministry of Health conducive for both systems of medicine that people should not compare the number of years used to study but the amount of information absorbed by an individual to practice medicine; which is the true position. The Federal Ministry of Health should therefore have a Federal Minister of Health that is Integrative (knowing more than one method or system of medicine) to PhD level and should also have two State Ministers of Health that are at least specialists; one for colonial (conventional) medicine and another for natural medicine. With two permanent Secretaries for each of the Ministers of State that are conventional and natural medicine doctors that are civil servants who rose by civil service grade to that level, coordinated by an Integrative medicine Permanent Secretary.

Natural Medicine has scientists who have reached top of their scientific field that came together to rescue African Traditional Medicine from extinction by allopathic physicians who allowed western influence dissuade them from their ancestral medicine (drugs). When there was ebola (another form of lassa fever), government physicians went on strike, private hospitals were open and natural medicine practitioners came to the rescue.  All Natural Medicine Professional Members have more than one discipline, you can be like that. Most Natural Medicine Practitioners have qualifications to the highest level of Scientific degree status; that they know how to measure on ground in away that it is the exact measure in the sky or depth of the sea by understanding gravity pressure on matter.

The huge difference between the colonial medicine system and the integrative medicine system is that the Integrative medical practitioners go into National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners and other traditional medicine practitioners and help educate those who want to be knowledgeable in anatomy, physiology, philosophy etc. of medicine; philosophy of medicine is one part of medicine not fully taught as a way of training to the colonial medicine doctors. The standard of measure by the systems for the colonial medicine are the last stages for our professional medical practitioners who have national regulatory and international regulatory bodies who access their produce. But, if they wish to be accessed by the colonial medical system, they are free to do so. This ensures our ancestral medicine is not lost and our traditional medicine practitioners are able to practice medicine properly. We do not put finance first but healthcare first and we do not think selfishly about retaining our knowledge that the traditional medicine practitioners must pass through all required by the colonial system but we use our educational system upgraded to match us by our members who got professorship from USA, UK etc.

Over eight hundred million viruses come into earth from space regularly. One of the first leaving things that make contact with them are plants. Plants develop resistance to them by phytochemicals etc. Some plants resistance is weak but enough to protect the plant. But among all plants, one plant develops more resistance than the rest; it is that plants extracts etc. that are used to fight that disease. But first, the plant has to be detected by trained experts who may identify the plant by spiritual medicine via seeing the aura of the plant or by information gathered about plants against viruses. Then, they have to understand that viruses are the first leaving things from matter, so they are closest to matter and can only be killed by seeing them from the point of particles of matter that act on their own.

Most Natural Medicine practitioners are trained to know plants uses and parts that can be used. Unfortunately, the Medical Doctors in Nigeria were deprived of the knowledge of being able to identify plants to use as medicine, but the western medical practitioners can produce medicine and vaccines from their environmental materials; they produce drugs via pharmacists, our pharmacists produce drugs they have produced from the basic formula. Our medical doctors that are not Integrative can not produce medicines but prescribe medicines only. So when there is an outbreak, the western doctors know that the medical doctors in Africa can not produce the vaccine or medicines because of the curriculum they force themselves to retain that was passed down by the colonial masters, so they send experts who are Integrative to their own medicine. Yet our own medical system have not thought of changing their curriculum to be fully Integrative so we would not be dependent. Just like the economy that exchange rate keeps us dependent because Africa has not united to have common currency of exchange like most of our dependent systems.

It is that training of natural medicine doctors to be clairvoyant (everyone has their own part that will increase a particular sense) etc. enough to see the plants aura to know the medicinal plant necessary to treat an illness that makes the natural medicine student doctor brain to super increase in power of absorption of knowledge by the natural medicine student doctor to crave voraciously to consume all knowledge necessary for his/her practice. It is that part of medicine that is missing in the colonial medicine student that he requires six years to learn because he is only using his carnal front brain and not his spirit and soul with his whole brain like the natural medicine doctor becomes unknowingly because of his/her training to identify medicinal plants that mother earth via his/her kundinali chakara point acts on the solar plexus via the pons through between the medulla oblongata with the cerebellum and the frontal lobes.

It is your right to choose your doctor. Please, do not listen to the stigmatization of the colonial medicine practitioners who only ridicule other medical professionals like their colonial teachers taught them by extension through the system they left to keep them subjected to traditional European medicine that is allopathic medicine they use to oppress our traditional medicine that they should have absorbed like the Chinese did with theirs by combining TCM and allopathic medicine. Note that most of them have a bachelor degree in medicine only that if they had masters that will push them to wholistic medicine or PhD that will push them to get knowledge from ATM (African Traditional Medicine), they would have updated ATM; yet they see themselves as superior to those of us who have more than a bachelor degree in the sciences, when we practice a different form of medicine that they do not know and we know most of what they know.

Truly, only this Council has all members with more than one background of education.

FCT Chairman/Abuja Coordinator


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