The Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine came into being in the year 1993 and got registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number 10,022 in 1994. The Council�s being ruled by the constitution of the council. The council have among other aims and objectives in article 2 N0 2 and 17 of the constitution which state �Establishing Training�. Centre (s) with approved syllabus for would be practitioners of Natural Medicine...

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1. Development and promotion of Natural Medicine, Pharmacy, including drug manufacture from our local raw materials as it relates to practice in Natural Medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and other specialties.

2. Establishing Training Centre (s) with approved syllabus for would be Practitioners of Natural Medicine.

3. Increasing public interest in the development and utilization of Natural Medicine.

4. Re-education of Practitioners of Natural Medicine and improvement of the Medical services currently rendered. Helping Private Natural Medical Clinics to improve their level of hygiene and the standard of practice.

State Coordinator Office

5. Improvement of training of specialist in Natural Medicine

6. Exploring the possibility of having Natural Medical clinics, departments and drug manufacturing units attached to federal ministry of health and ministry of health and state ministry of health and some of the existing hospitals.

7. To promote scientist research and clinical trials into Natural Medicine and pharmacy.

8. Collation, publication, dissemination and exchange of information on Natural Medicine.

9. Cultivation of medicinal plants, proper identification, collection, sorting, collation and documentation of herbs, animal parts and mineral substances used in natural Medical practices and the translation of relevant information into Nigerian Languages.

10. Establishing collaboration/cooperation with similar agencies, institutes within or outside Nigeria, most importantly National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, and National Institute for Medicine.

11. Integration of the beneficial aspect of Natural Medicine into our health care delivery system.

12. Development, Production and Supply of appliances required for diagnosis and treatment in Natural Medicine.

13. To promote interaction between Practitioners of Natural Medicine and Allopathic Doctors.

14. Seeking Financial Aids where ever possible to assist accomplishment of the Council objective.

15. Participating in conducting seminars, workshops and conferences in Natural Medicine.

16. Validation, through scientific research of the various claims of a Natural Medical Practitioner.

17. Establishment of separate institute for Natural Medicine. The Centre is co-sponsored and managed by the Federal Ministry of Health and Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.

18. Established of a separate independent national Council for Natural Medicine.



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